Places to visit in Hunza valley

Hunza valley is one of the beautiful district of Gilgit-Baltistan. There are multiple tourist destinations with natural scenic beauty having glaciers, lakes and lush green landscapes.

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The places to visit in Hunza valley starts right after Nagar valley of Gilgit-Baltistan. Some of beautiful places recommended for the tourists are listed below:

  • Nasirabad valley
  • Murtazabad valley
  • Rakaposhi view points
  • Aliabad commercial city
  • Karimabad view point
  • Karimabad bazar with shops having cultural gifts
  • Lady finger
  • Ulter peak
  • View of Nagar Valley
  • Altit oldest fort
  • Altit King\’s garden
  • Baltit fort
  • Hunza walnut cake
  • Duikar view in sunset
  • Eagle Nest hotel
  • Ganish oldest settlement
  • Ganish Haldekish mountain engraving
  • Riwayat restaurant Ganish valley
  • Attabad Lake
  • Gulmit valley
  • Gojal valley
  • Passu Cones
  • Borith Lake
  • Hussiani suspension bridge
  • Sost dry port
  • Phander lake
  • Khunjerab Pass

Beautiful pictures of Hunza Valley

Recommendation & Guidance

Every year hundreds and thousands of tourists visit Hunza valley. But majority of them miss the most beautiful places to visit due to unawareness. Therefore, we have discussed here the best places to visit in Hunza valley. We recommend to explore all these places when you will plan a trip to northern Pakistan particularly to Hunza valley.

It\’s is also important to note here that most of the places that we have mentioned above remain open throughout the year. Some of them are inaccessible in winter due to heavy snow fall leading to sliding and blockage of pathway. One of most effected area is the Khunjerab Pass. It connects China with Pakistan but in winter it remains unreachable due to heavy snow fall. It normally opens from July to the middle of October.

The remaining places remain open for tourists regardless of the season. However, majority of tourists want to visit beautiful places in spring, summer and fall season. There are some tourists who wants to enjoy the snow falling and skiing in Hunza. For them we recommend to bring the warm clothes and accessories to protect from winter.

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