Best Places to Visit in Northern Pakistan Gilgit Baltistan

Northern Pakistan Gilgit Baltistan is packed with best places to visit such as Hunza valley, Nagar valley, Skardu valley, Ghizer valley, Astore valley and Chilas Valley.

These places have glaciers, lush green pastures, blue lakes, snow covered mountains and most importantly kind hearted people with their unique culture and great sense of hospitality.

It is a dream of all national and international tourists to experience the exotic beauty of northern Pakistan Gilgit Baltistan.

That\’s why this question pops up in everyone mind: What are the beautiful places to visit in Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan?

This article answer this question and briefly discusses the best places to visit in Gilgit-Baltistan Pakistan.

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Gilgit Baltistan is federally administered northern territory of Pakistan with 14 beautiful districts as shown in the picture below.

Map of Gilgit-Baltistan Pakistan with 14 districts (Source: Wikipedia user Kazmi)

We have listed down 7 different valleys having multiple best places to visit in northern Pakistan Gilgit Baltistan as follow:

1.Gilgit Valley Best Places2Hunza Valley Best Places
3Nagar Valley Best Places4Skardu Valley Best Places
5Astore Valley Best Places6Ghizer Valley Best Places
7Chilas Valley Best Places
Best places to visit in northern Pakistan Gilgit Baltistan

Now, let\’s starts with top places to visit in Gilgit valley.

1. Gilgit Valley Best Places

Gilgit valley is the first place you encounter when you travel by air from Islamabad Pakistan. While, it will be second place if you travel by road via besham or naran-kaghan.

There are multiple sites to visit in the Gilgit region with each having it\’s unique beauty and culture. Before going into detail, let\’s show you top 6 best places to visit in Gilgit Valley.

1.1Naltar Valley1.2Jutal, Rahimabad & Nomal Valley
1.3 Bagrot and Danyor Valley1.4Haramosh Kutuwal Valley
1.5Kargah Nala and Buddah1.6Central Gilgit
Other Places to visit
Best places to Visit in Gilgit Valley

Now, let\’s discuss the relevant information and our recommendation and guidance for each of the best place to visit in Gilgit.

1.1. Naltar Valley (وادی نلتر)

  • The most beautiful valley in Gilgit region is the Naltar valley.
  • It\’s 54 km away from central Gilgit and opens through out the year.
  • It is always advisable to travel to this valley with any off road vehicle such as 4X4 or SUV.
  • In winter snow skiing events are arranged at Naltar Ski Resort.
  • There are many hotels at affordable charges in Naltar valley.
  • There are restaurants too but rarely a café for the coffee lovers.
  • Naltar Lake is one of the main destination to visit and family can also travel there.
  • Bashkiri Lake is also a sister lake of Naltar.
Naltar Valley (Source: Nisar Barcha)

Recommendation & Guidance:

It\’s recommended to stay in Naltar and enjoy the night view but height phobic people should take precautionary measures. You can hire a Jeep or any other 4X4 from \”Direct Giglit city or from Jutal Valley or Yadgar Chowk KKH located at the interchange of Matumdas and Nomal Valley\”. The vehicle hiring rate will be in range of 6000 to 25,000/- PKR per vehicle and may greatly change with season and model of vehicle. You may also contact us to hire a vehicle at affordable charges.

1.2. Jutal, Rahimabad and Nomal Valley

  • The Jutal valley is a small valley on the way from Gilgit to Hunza.
  • The Nomal Valley is the valley connecting to Naltar Valley.
  • The Rahimabad Valley is situated with the KKH and every tourist going to Hunza-Nagar has to cross this zig-zag road with a bridge.
  • Rahimabad valley is also known with the name of Matumdas (Black Desert) and has many trekking sites to visit.
  • Some of beautiful places to trek in Rahimabad are \”Tipri\”, \”Hurbuch\”, \”Gashen\” and etc.
  • There are also beautiful dine and stay restaurants in Rahimabad.
Rahimabad Valley (Source: Iqtidar Hussain)

Recommendation & Guidance:

You do not need to spend and plan separately to visit all of three mentioned Valleys. You will go through them when you will plan for Hunza and Naltar Valley. Well, if you are trek lover and want to visit the places we mentioned in Rahimabad Valley, then you have to plan for at least a day or two. If you are interested you may contact us for arranging a trek to these places.

1.3. Bagrot and Danyor Valley

  • Danyor is adjacent to the central Gilgit.
  • There is commercial area and can get good food and hotels to stay.
  • The Bagrot valley is adjacent to the Danyore Valley.
  • It is surrounded by beautiful mountains such as Rakaposhi, Bilchar Dobani and many more.
  • The Jalabad valley is the first region to explore Bagrot.
  • There are some hotels and dining facilities too.
  • This valley is the main starting point for the mountain and glaciers.
Bagrot Valley (Source: Ashfaq Ahmad Khan)

Recommendation & Guidance:

The Danyor valley is on way if you are traveling to Hunza and Nagar. So you do not need any special plan to visit it. However, you need to arrange a separate day to explore the Bagrot valley. We highly recommend this valley for the trek lover to explore the glaciers, peaks and meadows from this valley.

1.4. Haramosh Kutuwal Valley

  • The Harmosh valley is the part of Gilgit but it is accessible when you travel to Skardu valley.
  • It is one of the best places to visit in Gilgit Baltistan.
  • The grapes, pomegranates and other various fruits are locally grown in this valley.
  • There are many beautiful sub valleys and are accessible for tourist.
  • One of such beautiful valley is Kutwal valley
  • It has green pastures and a lake.
  • There are other valleys adjacent to the road such as Sasi valley and etc.
  • There are some hotels and places to dine.
Haramosh Kutwal Valley (Source: Waqas Johar)

Recommendation & Guidance:

This beautiful valley is 3 hours drive form Gilgit after crossing the Alam bridge. Alam bridge connects the main KKH to the Skardu road. We highly recommend tourist to visit this places when you travel to Skardu by road. Well, if anyone want to explore this valley we recommend to plan a day or two separately and take prior assistance and guidance to make a smooth visit.

1.5. Kargah Nala and Buddah

  • This is one of the best place to visit in Gilgit.
  • Kargah valley has a water stream as shown in the picture.
  • Beside natural beauty there is a Buddha in the kargah and therefore great destination to explore the historic culture.
  • The buddha (Yachani is engraved on the mountain) and is a part of religious tourism and many international buddhist visit this place.
Kargah Nala (Source: Usama Chattha)

Recommendation & Guidance:

The Kargah Nalla is amalgam of cultural and natural best sites to visit. It is easily accessible to all tourist. It also does not require any extra day to visit this place. Therefore, we recommend to visit this beautiful valley once you are in Gilgit.

1.6 Central Gilgit

  • The central Gilgit is the commercial area.
  • There is extensive network of hotels and guest houses.
  • The luxury hotel like Serena hotel Gilgit and other affordable hotels are accessible to tourist.
  • There are many tourist site to visit after landing on Gilgit airpot.
  • The sea side to the Gilgit river has many dining facilities with breezing cold air side wise.
  • The City Park and newly constructed Dadi Jawari Park is also some places to visit in Gilgit.
Gilgit Valley from Mountains (Source: A plus photographer)

Recommendation & Guidance:

If you are traveling by air or by road we recommend you to stay in Gilgit and visit the nearby valleys. The highly recommended suggestion from us to at least visit the sea side \”chinar bagh\” to take a tea while sitting beside cold breeze and rushing Gilgit river. It will be a memorable moment for you.

Other Places to visit in Gilgit

  • Jaglot Valley
  • Sai Jagot
  • Guur Valley
  • Khaltaro Valley
  • Gasho Pahot
  • Alam Bridge

2. Hunza Valley Best Places

The beautiful Hunza valley is pioneer in tourism of Gilgit-Baltistan Pakistan. It is sandwiched between mountain and separated from Nagar valley with a river.

There are multiple places in Hunza with versatile picturesque scenes to visit in Hunza. Some of the very well known and recommended places are briefly discussed below:

2.1Nasirabad, Murtazabad & Hasanabad2.2Aliabad
2.3 Karimabad2.4Duiker
2.5Altit Fort2.6Baltit Fort
2.7Ganish Valley2.8Attabad Valley
2.9Passu Cones and Glacier2.10Hussaini Suspension Bridge
2.11Borith Lake2.12Khunjerab Pass
Other Places to Visit in Hunza
Best places to Visit in Hunza Valley

2.1. Nasirabad, Murtazabad & Hasanabad

  • These beautiful valleys will be first to encounter when you travel from Gilgit to Hunza.
  • Among which, the Nasirabad valley also known as \”Hindi\” comes in your way initially.
  • It connects the Nagar Valley with Hunza Valley with a bridge name as \”Hindi Bacash\” where Bacash means bridge in brushaski language.
  • This valley has multiple hotels and restaurants to stay and dine.
  • The Murtazabad and Hasanabad valley will be next after Nasirabad to enter into central Hunza.
Murtazaabad Hunza (Source: Murtazabad Hunza)

Recommendation & Guidance:

You do not need to plan separately to visit all of these valleys unless you are scheduling tour for more than seven days. Therefore, we recommend you to stay for few hours in Nasirabad because you can have the close view of Rakaposhi and Minapin Valley from main KKH in Nasirabad. Recently a tourist spot is also made aside the KKH where you take pictures with snow capped Rakaposhi in background.

2.2. Aliabad

  • After entering Aliabad take a deep breath as you have entered the central Hunza.
  • The previous name of this valley was \”broom moss\” which in local burushaski language mean \”white flood\”.
  • Aliabad is a commercial areas so do not expect to have any great views except Rakaposhi in the background.
  • But you have the best food to eat in Aliabad.
  • You can also buy locally made gifts available in designed shops.
  • There are hotels with wide range of charges to stay.
  • There are central mosques if you want to say prayers.
Aliabad Hunza (Source: Unknown)

Recommendation & Guidance:

Many tourist after entering aliabad confuse and consider it only hunza. In reality it is commercial sector of hunza and a stating part for a vast hunza valley. Well, we recommend to eat food from Aliabad. We also recommend to look for the gift there as you will get at very reasonable price range. The tourist who are looking for the affordable and cheap rent for stay then you will get in Aliabad. But if you are looking for natural view at affordable rent then go ahead to Karimabad and Ganish, which I will explain below.

2.3. Karimabad

  • This beautiful place is located in central Hunza and accessible to every tourist.
  • It\’s hub for stay and accommodation with luxury and affordable hotels, guest houses and etc.
  • There are also multiple restaurants and cafes serving all national and international dishes.
  • The famous \”walnut cake\” of Hunza is also available here.
  • The culture attire and local gift shops are also located here.
  • Most importantly this is the best place to have a view of Hunza-Nagar valley.
  • Multiple peaks and mountains including lady finger, ulter peak, rakaposhi, golden peak and etc. can be sighted from here.
  • In addition, many pastures and meadows are also accessible for trekker namely ulter meadow and etc.
Karimabad (Source: Muhammad Omer Photography)

Recommendation & Guidance:

Karimabad is the hub and pioneer of tourism, so we highly recommend to stay in any hotel of Karimabad. The zero point karimabad and it\’s vicinity is full of luxury hotels. Stay there and if you want us to rent for you then contact us. In addition, the cultural gifts are also abundantly available in karimabad and you can buy from there. If you are coffee love you can get multiple restaurants offering coffee.

2.4. Duiker

  • Best known for eagle nest hotel.
  • Duiker is near karimabad but it is on top of mountain, so you get a chance to look at Hunza-Nagar valley and snowy peaks like a bird.
  • The evening with the sunset and morning with sunrise is mesmerizing in this place.
  • This place has luxury and affordable hotel to stay and dine.
View from Duikar (Source: Salar Hussain)

Recommendation & Guidance:

Another beautiful place to stay is Duikar. It is located on the top of mountain you will feel as if you are viewing hunza and Nagar valley like a flying bird. We, therefore recommend to at least take a tea in Duikar and experience the sunset or sunrise over Hunza-Nagar Valley.

2.5. Altit Fort

  • Historical fort located on the edge of cliff in Altit valley is the must place to visit in Hunza.
  • There are various archeological sites for the people interested in antique things.
  • Another place to visit in Altit is \”Thamay Base\” meaning Kings garden.
  • The altit fort is in the residential area but still there are some hotels to stay and restaurant to dine.
Altit Hunza (Source: Fugue)

Recommendation & Guidance:

This fort is above the on a cliff and Hunza river is flowing under the cliff. Therefore, you can have a adventurous experience to visit this beautiful place. So we recommend to keep Altit fort visit in your tour plan. But remember the timing for the visiting king garden is till 5pm so make preparation accordingly.

2.6. Baltit Fort ( بلتت قلعہ)

  • Four hundreds years old kind castle now a tourist destination with the name as Baltit Fort.
  • There is gate keeper with long mustaches and you can take picture with him.
  • There is a ticket to enter in this fort and currently its rate is 500 PKR and may change with time.
  • The area is majorly residential but the local are very friendly and the path to fort is also memorable.
Baltit Fort (Source: Unknown)

Recommendation & Guidance:

When you will be in Hunza you will definitely visit this fort. It is recommended for all to visit in late afternoon as you will get a chance to view the sunset from the Baltit Valley.

2.7. Ganish Valley

  • This valley is located beside KKH.
  • There are multiple affordable and luxury hotels in this valley.
  • Also various fast food and local food serving restaurant are in this valley.
  • The very famous Rewayat restaurant is also located in the Ganish.
  • In Ganish Khai there are historical forts like Altit and Baltit and are open for tourist to explore.
  • The mysterious symbols and alphabets are engraved on the mountains of Haldaikesh, which dated back to hundreds of years.
Ganish Valley (Source: Unknown)

Recommendation & Guidance:

Well, out of many options to choose in booking hotel, Ganish has many hotels connecting with Karakorum Highway (KKH). If you are looking for hotel near road then we recommend to look in Ganish. Also, for dining the Rewayat restaurant has good taste with family hall and beautiful view. There are also fast foods and cafes in Ganish. We also recommend to you visit and see the archaeological engraving in Haldeskish and the location is 10 minutes away from Ganish.

2.8. Attabad Valley

  • Well, Attabad Valley is one of the beautiful place to visit in Hunza without which your tour will be incomplete.
  • The crystal clear blue water lake is encompass on more than 2 km.
  • It\’s 30 minutes drive from central Hunza.
  • In Attabad there are many luxury and low price hotels and LUXUS hotel is one of them.
  • The tourist location near the lake has facility for the dining with various dishes.
  • Also, you can enjoy the lake with a boat or with a speed boats if you are looking for adventure.
Attabad Lake (Source: Aneeqa Shoaib Photography)

Recommendation & Guidance:

If anyone is looking for blue and boating then this place offers you all these features. In addition, it is best place for honeymoon in Gilgit Baltistan. We recommend to keep at least a full day for adventure in Attabad Lake. If you are traveling in mid August and sky is clear then make sure you put sunblock as it may burn your skin. The sun heat is also high during day so do not expect to be cool place if there is scorching sun.

2.9. Passu Cones and Glacier

  • The passu cathedral cones are magnificent and you will yearn to see if you visit once.
  • These cones are located in Passu valley which is further away from Attabad lake and may take another 30 mintues on vehicle.
  • The picturesque passu will quench the thirst of photography.
  • Well, there is a \”Welcome to Passu\” written on mountain and that is also a great place to take pictures as memories.
  • You can also visit Passu Glacier but that will require you to plan separately and you can reach after trekking.
Passu Cones (Source: Usman Zubair)

Recommendation & Guidance:

The passu cones can be visited while you are planing tour for the Khunjerab Pass. So, we do not recommend to visit passu just to see the cones. Rather, make a complete plan for the Khunjerab from Hunza and on way you will see the marvelous cones. However, you need extra days to visit the passu glacier.

2.10. Hussaini Suspension Bridge

  • The Gojal Valley is connected by many bridges constructed on Hunza River.
  • It is one of the oldest suspension bridge in northern areas of Pakistan connected with ropes and planks.
  • The planks of the bridge are separated with large gaps.
  • It is located in the Hussainabad valley of Gojal Hunza.
  • You can visit this bridge and can also view passu cathedral in the background as shown in the picture.
Hussaini Suspension Bridge with passu cones (Source: HUNZA)

Recommendation & Guidance:

There is no risk and danger in crossing this suspension. We recommend to visit this bridge while visiting Gojal Hunza. It will be a lifetime experience. But it is recommended to be careful while taking selfie and picture while crossing the bridge.

2.11. Borith Lake

  • The Boret Lake is another beautiful lake in Hunza Gojal valley.
  • It is away from Attabad lake and located in the off-side area.
  • It is at at high of 2600 meters.
  • This lake is beautiful destination for the trek lovers.
Borith Lake Gojal Hunza (Source: Unknown)

Recommendation & Guidance:

We encourage you to see the Boret Lake too if you have plan for Hunza for at least a week. For this place you can not visit while visiting Khunjreb pass. You need a separate day for to visit this beautiful boret lake.

2.12. Khunjerab Pass

  • Well, Khunjerab Pass is the last place of Pakistan which is connected with china.
  • It is 6 hours away from central Hunza.
  • It is located on the height of 4693 meters.
  • There is an ATM on that height, well nobody need money there that is another story!
  • There are no proper facilitates of hoteling and restaurant.
  • You will get a chance to see the china terrority.
  • It is the gateway to the Republic of China.
Khunjerab Pass (Source: Backpack Travels)

Recommendation & Guidance:

The lack of restaurants and hotels can cause stress if you will not properly plan the tour to Khunjerab top. So, we recommend two suitable options for you. First is either to stay in hunza and plan to visit this place and start journey early morning. Second option is to stay in Sost valley, which is located in between hunza and khunjerab. But we recommend the first option and majority tourists also take the first option. Moreover, the road to khunjerab is long and there is lack of maintenance and repairing facilities for vehicle so check your vehicle properly before starting journey.

Other Places to Visit in Hunza

  • Batura glacier/Sar
  • Baldiyat meadow
  • Choos ter/meadow
  • Chuperson Valley Gojal
  • Sost Valley
  • Shimshal Valley
  • Khurdopin Pass Trek
  • Yukshin Garden Glacier
  • Yazghil Glacier
  • Virjerab Galcier
  • Khunjerab Sar

3. Nagar Valley Best Places

Nagar has some of the best places to visit in norther Pakistan. It has it\’s own diverse culture. The locals are having great sense of hospitality. It starts right after Gilgit and provides some of the best place you wish to visit. Some of them are discussed below:

3.1Gapa Valley Chalat3.2Thole Valley
3.3 Rakaposhi View Point Gulmit3.4Minapin Valley
3.5Rakaposhi Base Camp3.6Summayar Valley
3.7Hoper Valley3.8Rush lake
Other Places to Visit in Nagar
Best places to Visit in Nagar Valley

3.1. Gapa Valley Chalat

  • Gapa valley is one the best valley in Chalat Nagar.
  • Chalat valley comes after 30 minutes drive from Gilgit.
  • In Chalat valley the point of intersection of tectonics plates is also situated.
Gapa Valley Chalat (Source: Deedarullahbaig Photography)

Recommendation & Guidance:

Chalat Valley is one of the best places to visit in Nagar Gilgit Baltistan. Therefore, we highly recommend to plan a tour to Gapa valley. To reach Gapa you have to hike from center Chalat valley.

3.2. Thole Valley

  • The Thole valley is situated in the middle of Gilgit and Hunza.
  • It is the part of Nagar valley.
  • It has multiple tourist destination and meadows.
  • The most famous thing about the this valley is the stay and dine area along with the KKH.
  • The water from Rakaposhi peak is also descending through Thole Valley.
Thole Valley (Source: Ars Had Broshall)

Recommendation & Guidance:

If you are travelling to Hunza from Gilgit, we highly recommend to take a break and taste the \”Chup Shuru\” a local pizza made of floor and meat. The price of each medium size chup shuru will be 100 PKR. You can also enjoy a tea while feeling the cool breeze coming from Rakaposhi peak.

3.3. Rakaposhi View Point Gulmit

  • The nearest view of snow capped Rakaposhi is from Gumat Valley Nagar.
  • It is situated along the KKH.
  • It is one of most facilitated tourist point with hotels and restaurants at reasonable charges.
Gulmit Nagar (Source: The Karakrum Saga )

Recommendation & Guidance:

We highly recommend to plan a stay in this beautiful place of Nagar valley. If you can not we recommend you to at least stay for a time being and enjoy the closet view of snow covered Rakaposhi with a cup of tea.

3.4. Minapin Valley

  • The Minapin Valley is the next beautiful destination for tourists in Nagar.
  • It has some of the best hotels and restaurant serving Desi food.
Minapin Valley (Source: Ali Jees Photography)

Recommendation & Guidance:

We recommend to visit this valley if you plan a tour to Hunza because it comes on the way to Hunza. All you have to do is to take few hours to explore this valley.

3.5. Rakaposhi Base Camp

  • Rakaposhi Base camp is the ideal place for light trekking.
  • The base camp is too wide and its prime area where all tourist is known as \”Tagafari\”.
  • Tagafari means green garden.
  • It is beautiful place and you can experience from here the avalanche.
  • You can also trek on glacier to reach \”Kacheli\”.
  • Kacheli is also one of the beautiful landscape near Rakaposhi base camp.
Rakaposhi Base Camp (Source: Unknown )

Recommendation & Guidance:

If you want to experience the trekking to a base camp of mountains. Then trek to this base camp is great idea. It will take 7 hours trekking from Minapin valley to reach this beautiful place. You have to stay there for a night so we recommend to plan for at least one night stay so that you can explore this beautiful place.

3.6. Summayar Valley

  • Summayar and Askurdas valleys are in Nagar region opposite to the Karimabad and Ganish Valley in Central Hunza.
  • It will take almost ten minutes to reach Summayar valley from Hunza.
  • There is a bridge connecting Hunza and Nagar on river to reach Summayar.
  • The scenic beauty of central Hunza can be easily observe from this valley.
  • This valley has a beautiful meadow with lush green landscapes.
  • The lady finger and ulter peak view is magnificent from this valley.
Summayar Valley (Source: Abba_spotography )

Recommendation & Guidance:

We highly recommend to visit the meadow in summayar if you are planing the tour to the Hunza Nagar Region. You will need some extra hours in day to explore this beautiful valley.

3.7. Hoper Valley

  • The valley with glaciers, lakes and meadows is the Hoper Valley Nagar.
  • It is 30 km away from central Hunza.
  • The main tourist destination is the Hoper glacier which is easily accessible for all tourists.
  • In addition, well facilitated hotels and restaurants are present near the glacier.
  • The glacier view is possible from the top but to touch it, you need to ascend downwards for almost 15 minutes.
  • This glacier is also the starting pathway toward the iconic rush lake which we will discuss later.
Hoper Valley (Source: Irfan Javed )

Recommendation & Guidance:

If you miss the opportunity of visiting Hoper valley, then your tour will be incomplete. The rent for a 4×4 jeep or any other vehicle will be under 4000 PKR from central Hunza to Hoper valley. The weather will similar to Hunza in this valley. But the weather near the Hopper glacier will be cold during evening and night so arrange the warm clothes accordingly.

3.8. Rush lake

  • The rush lake is located at an altitude of 4,694 metes.
  • It is the ideal tourist site for the hardcore trekkers.
  • You need at least 4 days to complete this trek.
  • On the way you get the chance to cross the Hope glacier and Miar glacier.
  • You can get the chance to view the snow capped golden peak view from the destination.
  • You can also get the chance to visit the Hamdar and Hapakoin pasture.
  • The shepherds are living in these pastures, so you can arrange a feast there.
Rush Lake (Source: Mobeen Mazhars Photography )

Recommendation & Guidance:

This trek is not for general public as it need lots of stamina to reach to Rush lake. However, it is a dreamland for the enthusiast trekker. From Hoper valley you will have to walk for 7 hours and cross multiple glaciers to reach the \”Bericho Kor\”. Here you will night stay and then in morning you will walk toward the Rush lake. There is straight path from Hoper to Bericho kor but then afterwards you wil have to climb for on couple of the mountains fot reach the lake. There is proper path on mountains but a very sharp inclination. It will take 6 hours to reach rush lake. You can either camp there or return back to Bericho Kor. But we recommend to camp near lake. Well on then return down and cross the miar and golden peak glacier to explore the Hamdar and Hapakoin Pasture.

Other places to visit

  • Daiter Nagar Valley
  • Dumani Peak
  • Khoo Nagar Valley
  • Diran Peak
  • Golden Peak
  • Hamdar and Hapakoin Pasture
  • Jaffarabad Valley
  • Hispar Valley
  • Askurdas Valley

4. Skardu Valley Best Places

Skardu valley is the capital of Baltisan region in Gilgit-Baltistan. It has multiple beautiful places to visit in northern Pakistan. Interestingly, it\’s the only region in northern where direct flights from both Karachi and Islamabad are operated.

Therefore, if you are from karachi and want to know beautiful places to visit in Gilgit Baltistan, then take a direct flight to Skardu. We have listed down some of the best places in Skardu as follow:

4.1Shangrila Lake4.2Upper Kachura Lake
4.3 Skardu City4.4Hussainabad Waterfall
4.5Satpara lake4.6Shigar Valley
4.7Kahplu Valley4.8Deosai Plains
Other Places to Visit in Skardu
Best places to Visit in Skardu Valley

4.1. Shangrila Lake

  • Shagrila lake is the dream place to visit for all national and international tourists.
  • It is the pioneer in the toursim industry.
  • Shangrila lake orginal name is lower Kachura lake.
  • Kachura is the name of the village in which this lake is situated.
  • The lake is heat shaped and around it some of the best and luxury hostels are present.
  • It is located 20 km away from the airport.
  • This lake has boats for rent to give you a lifetime boating experiance.
Shagrila Lake and Resorts (Source: Azharshahphotography)

Recommendation & Guidance:

Shangrila lake should be in your top bucket list if you will visit Skardu Valley. It will take 30 minutes drive from airport to reach this beautiful Shangrila lake. We recommend to visit this place on first place because you will also get the opportunity to visit upper Kachura lake same day which we have listed below.

4.2. Upper Kachura Lake

  • Upper Kachura Lake is actually the upper Shangrila lake.
  • It is take around 10 minutes to reach this lake from Shangrila.
  • This lake is sandwhiched between the mountains and with blur color it provides facinating experiance.
  • There are boats too for the tourist to enjoy the boating.
Upper Kachura Lake

Recommendation & Guidance:

Most tourist miss this lake and return after visiting Shangrila lake. Therefore, we highly recommend to visit this beautiful upper kachura lake of Skardu valley and enjoy the natural beauty. All you have to do is to keep some extra hours to experiance the breeze in this lake.

4.3. Skardu City

  • The central Skardu is the commercial area of Baltistan.
  • But adjacent to the city are some of the beautiful place to visit.
  • On top of the place to visit is the antique Fort known as Karphocho Fort.
  • You can easily reach to this place from central skardu and you do not need any extra day for this.
  • Next in the line is the Katpana Desert which is also known as Cold Desert Skarud Valley.
  • This desert is near th Airport and you can even visit it while coming from the airport towards central skardu.
  • Then comes the most famour Masrur Rock which we will discussed below.
Skardu City (Source: Imtiaz Hussain Photography)

Recommendation & Guidance:

The afforable hotels are mostly located in central skardu. In addition, many dining options are also avialable. So, we highly recommend tourists to dine and stay in skardu city.

4.4. Hussainabad Rocks and Waterfall

  • Hussainad is 3 km away from the city and it has two famous tourist destination.
  • The first one is the Masrur rock which is shown in the picture.
  • It is said to the replica of Trolltunga rock located in Norway.
  • You can also get the chance of having bird eye view of whole skardu city from the this rock.
  • In addition, there is a waterfall in the vicinity which you can visit.
Masrur Rock Hussainabad (Source: Saqib Arsal)

Recommendation & Guidance:

When you have much more beautiful rock in Skardu Pakistan then why you will go to Norway :D. Anyways, on serious note we highly recommend you to visi this beautiful hussainabad valley and visit the Masror rock and waterfall.

4.5. Satpara lake

  • Satpara lake is 7 km away from the Skardu.
  • It is main source of drinking and irrigation and also hudral electricity is generated from it.
  • It is one of the beautiful lake after Shangrila in Skardu.
  • It has also small islan in between which is shown in the picture.
  • The water is blue and provides some of the best experiance in Gilgit Baltistan.
Satpara Lake

Recommendation & Guidance:

You are not going to miss this place if you will visit Skardu. But we recommend to visit this place when you are planing to travel to Deosai becuase this lake comes in the way to Deosai plains.

4.6. Shigar Valley

  • Shigar is the most beautiful valley in Sakrdu with historical forts and considered the gateway to the Karakrum mountains.
  • The mountains of this valley are also considered the core of precious gemstones.
  • This valley is located around 50 km away from Skardu City.
  • Thereofore, it will take around 2 hours to reach to Shigar from Skardu city.
  • There are multiple places to visit and Shigar fort is on top of this list.
  • This fort is built in 17th centuray and posses the treasure of forefathers of Baltistan region.
  • The blind lake in the shigar is also a beautiful place to visit in Shigar Gilgit Baltistan.
  • Similary, the Garden of Apple is also a place to visit in Skardu.
  • The Ambreque mosque is also a soulful place to visit in Skardu valley.
Shigar Valley (Source: Qammer Wazir Photography)

Recommendation & Guidance:

The tour to Skardu Baltistan is incomplete without visiting Shigar valley. We highly recommend to visi this beautiful valley to explore the nature and history of the Gilgit Baltistan. We assure you that you will have the nicest experiance to be in Shigar.

4.7. Kahplu Valley

  • Kahplu Valley is also one of the beautiful valley of Baltistan.
  • It is located arouind 110 km from the central skardu.
  • There are many Himalayan poplar trees which are also known as \”سفیدہ\” in urdu languague.
  • Therefore, the autumn season is magnificat in this valley.
  • There are small beautiful valley on way to Kahplu.
  • Some of the valley you may want to visit are the keris valley, Sermik valley and Gawai Valleys.
Khaplu Valley (Source: Talha Rizwan)

Recommendation & Guidance:

This valley is beautiful and it will take around two hours to reach from skardu. We recommend to keep an extra day on plan if you want to visit this Khaplu Valley.

4.8. Deosai Plains

  • Deosai Plains is the one of the beautifu place to visit in a lifetime.
  • It name means the land of Gaints and also known by Desoai National Park.
  • It is located at 4114 altitude and considered the highest alphine plains in the mountain range.
  • It is 40 km away from Skardu
  • The road from Astore valley also connects to the Deosai plains.
  • The golden marmots and brown bears are live in this plains.
  • It is hard to see the bears but the marmots can be seen frequently.
  • Various kinds of flowers and plants are grown in this area.
  • This area is covered with snow for 8 months and for only 4 months it is accessible for the toursit.
  • A special vehicle such as 4×4 jeep and etc is required to explore this area.
  • The bara pani river and sheosar lake make this plains much more exiting for the toursits.
Deosai Plains

Recommendation & Guidance:

To explore the Deosai plains we recomment to take a 4×4 jeep which you can hire from skardu. We can also arrange the convenience at resonable rate for the tourists. We recommend to keep an extra day to visit this beautiful plains and also to take the required meal with you. There are no proper hostels to dine but small shops during summer seasons. In addition, the weather can be cold and some may feel headache due to height therefore it is important to carry warm clothes and also first aid kit.

Other places to visit in Skardu:

  • Astak Nala
  • Kachura Valley
  • Sok Nala
  • Basho meadow
  • Nangxhok
  • Sarfa Ranga
  • K2 Mountain
  • Mashabrum and Gahabrum
  • Siachen Galcier
  • Basho Forest
  • Bodah Rock Skardu
  • Chaqchan Mosque
  • Donsa Tormik
  • Blind Lake
  • Karmang Valley
  • Khamosh water fall

5. Astore Valley Best Places

Astore is one of the best place to visit in Northern Pakistan. It is district of Gilgit Baltistan with connecting boundries with Azad Kashmir & KPK province. It has the most beautiful landscapes and lakes. It also connects with skardu valley with the Deosai plains. Which makes it beautiful destiation for tourist to start exploring from Astore and to reach skardu.

5.1Rama Lake5.2Minimarg Valley
Other places to visit in Astore
Best places to Visit in Astore Valley Gilgit Baltistan

5.1. Rama Lake

  • Rama lake is the most beautiful lake of Astore valley.
  • It is located in the Choungrah valley.
  • This lake is covered with the snow covered mountains.
  • It is famous destiantion for camping in summer season.
Rama lake (Source: Mohamad Omer Photography)

Recommendation & Guidance:

The road toward rama is in good condition for the tourist but vehicle does not reach to the lake. So it will require at least 2 hours trekking to see the Rama lake. This lake is accesible for all national and internationla tourists.

5.2. Minimarg Domail Valley

  • The iconic landscape with the lush green trees and blue runing streams is the Mimarg Domail Astore.
  • This valley is also accessible from Azad Kashmir because it\’s region also fall in Nellum valley district.
Minimarg Valley (Source: Unknown)

Recommendation & Guidance:

You will need an extra day to visit and explore this beautiful valley.

Other places to visit in Astore:

  • Harcho Valley
  • Bulan Fort
  • Gorikot Valley
  • Chillam Valley
  • Buzil Nar
  • Bulin and Fena Valley
  • Pari Shing Valley

6. Ghizer Valley Best Places

Ghizer valley is known as the \”The land of Lakes\”. It has some of the best places to visit in northern Pakistan Gilgit Baltistan. It is situated in between the Gilgit and Shandur National Park. Therefore, the road from Gilgit to Ghizer is known as Shandur-Gilgit Road, which runs along with the crystal clear blue water. This road is famous for providing best experience of driving along the river.

On the way you can visit some of best places which are listed in the table below.

6.1Gahkutch Valley6.2.Khalti Lake Gupis Valley
6.3.Phander Lake6.4. Shandur Polo Ground
Other places to visit in Ghizer
Best places to Visit in Ghizer Valley Gilgit Baltistan

6.1. Gahkutch Valley

  • This valley is 72 km away from Gilgit.
  • This valley offer multiple adventure avenues including trekking, hiking, jeep safari, fishing, trophy hunting, and etc.
  • Hanzal is first place to visit while traveling towards Gahkutch.
  • In Hanzal the fresh water trout is famous.
  • It has also archaeological sites such Hanzal Stupa.
  • You can stay here for awhile and move on to Gahkutch.
  • On the way you can see the beautiful Sengal valley.
  • You can also stay in the Dalnat bridge for few minutes.
  • There are many more small lakes along the road where you can take fresh breath.
Ghizer Valley (Source: Khan Wajahat)

Recommendation & Guidance:

The trip to the ghakutch valley is very interesting if you have a vehcile to drive from the gilgit. The road drive itself is an exualting experiance. We highly recommend to keep an extra day to explore this beautiful valley and you can also hire or rent a car from Gilgit valley.

6.2. Khalti Lake Gupis Valley

  • This is the beautiful lake near PTDC motel.
  • It has trout fish and can eaily get from nearby hotels.
  • This is one of the most picturesque lake in Ghizer valley.
Khalti Lake Gupis Valley (Source:

Recommendation & Guidance:

If you are travelling from the Gilgit then you need a resting place and the khalti lake is the ideal location to take a break for an hour and enjoy the natural view of lake inbetweem the mountians and trees.

6.3. Phander Lake

  • This Phander lake is the another beautiful lake after Khalti lake.
  • It is accessible for all national and international tourists.
  • The lake is with fresh blue water.
  • It has also source of the tourst fish and clean water.
Phander Lake (Source: Unknown)

Recommendation & Guidance:

We highly recommend to take extra time to visit this beautiful lake.

6.4. Shandur Polo Ground

  • Shandur National Park is also known as Shandur Polo Ground due to arrangement of festival with free style polo every year.
  • The Polo festival is arranged on first week of July every year.
  • It takes 5 hours to reach to this polo ground form Gilgit Airport.
  • This is the last valley in Ghizer district.
  • This ground is located at the elevation of 3,718 meters and considered to the first playground located on such high altitude.
  • There are also many more natural places to visit in Shandur valley.
Shandur Polo Ground (Source: Unknown)

Recommendation & Guidance:

This place is a destination for local and international tourist due to polo festival. There are many transport option to reach to this ground such as NATCO, private cars or rent a vehicles. We recommend using rent a vehicle as they may charge around 4000 PKR (30 USD). We highly recommend for all tourists to visit this place if you are planing the tour in July. Well, the weather is cold during night here so make necessary arrangement and take special precaution if you are visiting with older people or infants.

Other places to visit in Ghizer:

  • Yasin Valley
  • Hundarap Valley
  • Dalomal Valley
  • Shiniki Valley
  • Sherqila Valley

7. Chilas Valley Best Places

Chilas valleys have some of the best places to visit in the north of Pakistan. It is the first valley to enter into Gilgit Baltistan region if you are traveling from Islamabad or KPK.

Before going into details of each beautiful place, let\’s list down each of them.

7.1Babusar Top7.2Fairy Meadow
Other places to visit in Chilas
Best places to Visit in Chilas Valley Gilgit Baltistan

Now, let\’s dive in to details each beautiful place.

7.1. Babusar Top (درہ بابوسر‎)

  • The Babusar is beautiful valley of Chilas Gilgit Baltistan.
  • It\’s old name was Babur originated from the mughal empire Babur Zahir-ud-din Mughal.
  • In Babusar mountain top the pass is famous which connects KPK and Gilgit Baltistan.
  • It is right after Kaghan Lullusar lake of Kaghan Valley.
  • The babusar Top only open for few summer months from middle of August to end of September.
  • The rest of the year it is closed due to the heavy snow blockage.
  • It is at height of 4173 meters, therefore oxygen deficiency can cause headache to some minor and old age people.
  • There are no hotels for the overnight stay.
  • But many dining restaurants and shops are available in the peak summer season.
  • Any vehicle or car can reach to the Babusar top but the road has a high zig-zag inclination.
  • The temperature is very low at the top and even sometimes the snow falls during summer.
  • The snow mountains can be even seen beside the road while travelling via Babusar top.
Babusar Pass (Source: FB Page Juu)

Recommendation & Guidance:

This is the best place to stay for a time being and take a tea while travelling via Naran and Kaghan valley to Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan. We recommend to experience the view the majestic landscape of Babusar when you reach on top. It is highly recommended to check the condition of the brake and other features of vehicle while travelling while Babusar pass. The cold weather can be unbearable for some people so it is advised to keep a sweater or a jacket. During day time the sun is very hot and may burn skin so put the sunblock as precaution.

7.2. Fairy Meadow

  • The Fairy Meadow was named by German Climber and it\’s old name is \”Jaugth\”.
  • It is at altitude of 3300 meters from sea level.
  • It open from end of April to the end of september.
  • The road to fairy meadow starts from the Chilas Raikot bridge on KHH.
  • The road is rough and requires a 4X4 jeep to cover a more than 15 km to reach Tato valley.
  • After Tato valley you have to trek 5 km to reach fairy meadows.
  • The spectacular view of fairy meadow is the amalgum of the lush green landscapr, long conifers, blue water and an eye catching snow capped Nanga Parbat valley in the background.
Fairy Meadows & Nanga Parbat (Source:

Recommendation & Guidance:

The fairy meadow is one of the best place to visit in Gilgit Baltistan with life changing experience for the lifetime. We advised to plan separably to visit the fairy meadows as it requires enough time for trekking and resting to enjoy the beauty. The Jeeps are available at the Raikot bridge abundantly and may charge around 10,000 PKR to 20,000 PKR depending upon the season and condition of weather. If you want to plan a tour to this beautiful valley you may contact us and we will arrange a beautiful trip for you.

Other places to visit in Chilas:

  • Thank Nala
  • Thor Nala
  • Sommer Nala
  • Darel Tangir Valley
  • Diamer Basha Dam